50 gm Clarifying Masque

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Clarifying Masque is a unique formulation of minerals and herbs, known in India for their powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties, effective in the remedy of pimples, blackheads and eruptions of the skin.

Works deeply to take away toxins, excess oils and make-up. Continued use will assist prevent breakouts and will smooth the skin
Unlike other blemish treatments that contain chemicals to dry blemishes topically, is not going to bring the blemish to a head but will reduce the size of the eruption without drying, redness or leaving marks on the skin.

Clarifying Masque may also be used on cold sores, skin fungus or as a skin protector for many who work with harsh materials, auto parts, concrete or chemicals.

Clarifying Masque may be used twice a day for more serious cases of pimples (allow 7-10 days for best results). After the skin starts to clear, Face Wash can be used in the morning to cleanse and Clarifying Masque used in the evening to treat.

Steer clear of the use of soap or other chemical products on the face even as you are using Clarifying Masque as effectiveness is also diminished.

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