225 gm Herbal & Clay Body Masque

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The Ayurvedic system of bath and massage with herbs and minerally-wealthy clays produces a highly relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating effect on all of the body.

Sarada Ayurvedic Herbal & Clay Body Masque brings back the ancient wisdom to relieve the stress of up to date life and to invigorate the body and mind.

Use within the shower or bath as an alternative of soap to gently deep clean, deodorize and revitalize all of the body.

Leaves skin smooth, soft and radiant. Relaxes all of the body and creates a feeling of well-being.

Relieves itching and irritation as a result of rashes, allergies or insect bites. Effective for relief of minor muscle aches, sprains and rheumatic pain.

For a luxurious body remedy, mix Herbal & Clay Body Masque with oil, apply and massage far and wide all of the body, follow with sauna or steam.

Gentle on all varieties of skin. Use on any part or all of the body as a therapeutic mud-bathing remedy.

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