2 oz Scar Healing Oil

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This unique recipe is comprised of over 88 Ayurvedic wildcrafted, Organic/Wildcrafted Essential Oils and Organic Rosehip Seed Oil which were used for hundreds of years and proven effective. Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is known to contain essential fatty acids and Vitamin E high in linoleic and linolenic acids, which promote elasticity and vital nutrients for skin regeneration.

The body’s intelligence is profound and has the innate ability to know exactly what is needed biologically to heal.

With our conscious assistance to this natural aptitude, we have the capability to rebalance and regenerate our system.

Scars occur as a natural a part of the healing process and are the result of collagen fibrous tissue replacing normal tissue after an injury, surgery or a wound.

Scarring may also appear as stretch marks from pregnancy, weight gain or growth spurts. More than a few types of therapies may speed up the healing process and aid the skin in becoming smoother, healthier and youthful again.

Ayurveda contains formulas of numerous oils that are advocated for use in remedy of vata, kapha, and pitta problems, Panchakarma treatments and for massage.

Our Herbal Oils have been known for their powerful vatanashaka and reinvigorating, rejuvenating properties. To be effective, Ayurvedic oil must be prepared properly. Our herbal oil is prepared according to the long and rigorous process prescribed by Ayurveda.

Our Scar Healing Oil contains the finest botanical ingredients known for centuries to toughen the bodyÕs natural power to heal. Useful for scars resulting from injuries, surgeries, wounds and stretch marks. This unusual formula produces remarkable results.

These chosen Organic/Wildcrafted essential oils acknowledged for their cicatrisant (scar removing property), anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating and anti-aging qualities recreate the skin to be new, smooth, healthy and beautiful.

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