Punica Granatum Nana | Dwarf Pomegranate | 20_seeds

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Punica Granatum Nana is sometimes called Dwarf Pomegranate. This shrub burst into bloom in the course of spring ending in early summer. The gorgeous fruit pops with colours of red and dark red however simplest grows to be about 4 feet tall.

The fruit that come off this shrub will also be eaten together with the leaves and the seeds. The juice from the fruit can be utilized in soups, sauces, jellies, ice cream, and cakes.

USDA Hardiness Zones 7b to 11.

Always store seeds in a cool, dry, dark place, or in a fridge. Never store them in a freezer as the sudden temperature drop is prone to kill them. Do not leave the seeds in direct sunlight as the warmth generated might kill them.





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