40 Giant Black Java Bamboo Seeds Tropical Black Bamboo

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This bamboo is from Java and Sumatra. Its culms are striped light green and range from brown to black. It has dark green leaves. Bamboo is a common term for a lot of giant grasses that come with numerous species and varieties. There are two main types of bamboo. Runner types send out underground stems to varying distances and sent up a vertical shoot.

These will grow in large thickets or grove if left on my own. Runners are mainly found in temperate regions. Clump bamboos have underground stems that sprout vertical shoots much closer their parent plants glowing slowly outward. Clumpers have a tendency to be tropical or subtropical. Bamboo has many uses world wide from building materials to paper.

Java Black is a true black bamboo. It stands out in any garden whether used as a screen or as a feature. The shoots start out a dark green but soon turn a matte black as they harden. The timber remains black even once harvested, making it popular for furniture, musical instrument, and other craft work. Java Black has an upright to slightly leaning form with pendulous dark green leaves.

Java Black is said to be more tolerant of cooler climates than the more popularly used Timor Black.

Likes plenty of water.

Planting Instructions: Boil a cup of water and then let it cool to room temperature. Take a Ziploc bag and fold a paper towel to slot in the bottom. Take your water and add it to your ziploc bag on the paper towel. Just enough water to get the paper towel good and wet. Put 10-15 seeds in there and blow up the bag and seal it Just leave them in there until they sprout.

You’ll just set the bag on top the refrigerator. After they sprout, once a week blow fresh air into the bag and reseal it. When they’re about 2-3 inches tall their roots will be growing into the paper towel. Don’t pull the plant and roots out of the paper towel; it would be best to cut the paper towel so the roots stay in the paper towel. Transplant into vermiculite and peat moss mix with the roots still in the paper towel.

Germination Rate 70%




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