Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia

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The first publication to explore Southeast Asian history from the 5th to 9th century through the region’s sculpture, this book offers a fresh and exciting approach to a long lasting subject.

A fresh and exciting exploration of Southeast Asian history from the 5th to 9th century, seen through the lens of the region’s sculpture.

A lot of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourished in Southeast Asia from the 5th to the 9th century, yet until recently few concrete details were known about them.

Lost Kingdoms reveals newly came upon architectural and sculptural relics from this region, which provide key insights into the formerly mysterious kingdoms.

The first publication to make use of sculpture as a lens to explore this period of Southeast Asian history, Lost Kingdoms offers a significant contribution and a fresh approach to the study of cultures in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and other countries.

Authoritative texts by John Guy introduce more than 160 objects, extensively described and beautifully illustrated, along with essays by prominent scholars. Some of the objects have never before traveled out of doors their home countries.

Gorgeous photography shot on location highlights each and every artwork, and maps and a glossary of place names elucidate their geographical context. A watershed study of Southeast Asia’s artistic and cultural legacy, Lost Kingdoms is an crucial resource on an interesting and enduring subject.

Won Honorable Mention for the 2014 Awards of Excellence for Catalogue Publication, sponsored by the Association of Art Museum Curators. (Excellence for Catalogue Publication Association of Art Museum Curators 2015-05-13)





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