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Drawing on the ancient Hindu disciplines of Tantra and Ayurveda, in addition to astrology and his own family tradition of gemology, Harish Johari offers practical methods to utilize the power stored in gems to maximize physical and psychological balance and well-being.

The origins of gem healing will also be traced to the earliest Sanskrit scriptures, in which gems are valued for their ability to take in and transmit vital life forces. Ayurvedic healers, Indian astrologers, and Tantric alchemists all made use of gem formulas in their more than a few practices.

The writer describes these in vivid detail in addition to the attributes and powers of the sun and planets according to Hindu astrology and legend as they relate specifically to using gems. Here they play a critical role in enhancing the positive power of the planets and reducing their negative influence.

Charts are included that decide the appropriate gems to be worn according to one’s astrological sun sign and ascendant. Detailed instructions necessary for the creation of gem talismans and the rituals that use gems to obtain desired effects are also supplied by the writer.

The Healing Power of Gemstones, the most comprehensive survey of this subject to be had today, is both a practical guide to the chemical and subtle nature of gemstones and a traditional overview of their use all through the ages.

About the Author: Tantric scholar, composer, and artist, Harish Johari (1934-1999) authored many books including Leela: The Game of Self Knowledge, Tools for Tantra, Chakras, Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine, Ayurvedic Massage, and Breath, Mind, and Consciousness.




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