Trishula manufactures edible cutlery which can be used as a substitute to plastic disposable cutlery. The spoons are a blend of different flours, Indian natural spices, natural flavors and binding ingredients.

They are 100% natural with no added preservatives or artificial flavors. These spoons are becoming a hot commodity in times where plastic pollution has become a serious concern.

You can choose among 8 flavors: Beetroot, Spinach, Chocolate, Masala, Black Pepper, Mint, Ajwain and Plain.

Currently, about 40 BILLION plastic utensils are used just within the United States within a year. Worldwide, this becomes a figure at 16 times this magnitude. A majority of these utensils are only used once and then discarded.

Compostable utensils made of corn may seem like an answer to the problem. But it turns out, a good percentage of corn based biodegradable utensils are thrown into landfills anyway, where they will remain for a very long time without degradation. Because these utensils need high heat and very specific conditions to properly degrade, many times their benefits are negated.

Trishula’s spoons are delicious, but if they are not consumed, they are able to degrade in any outside environment, as they do not have specific requirements for degradation. In a standard environment where the spoons are exposed to nature, they will degrade within 10 days or be eaten by other animals, similarly to a biscuit that may be thrown outdoors.

The spoons have a shelf life of six months from the date of manufacturing.

• The cost of a single spoon ranges from ₹3 to ₹6, depending on quantity and flavor. A Plain-flavored spoon is priced at ₹3 per piece with an order quantity of over 5,000 pieces (that would be around $217 for 5,000 spoons), while a Chocolate spoon is sold at ₹4.5 per piece ($325 for 5,000 spoons).

• Customisation is also available in terms of size/shape/taste of the spoon along with embossing your logo/brand name on the spoon.

• Trishula is FSSAI registered – 10718024000003, which means this edible cutlery is tested , inspected and verified, making all the products safe to use and consume.

• For orders of twenty thousand and above, pre-order 20 days before.

• The prices mentioned above are exclusive of packaging,shipping and insurance charges. 100% Advance Payment is mandatory

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