Kalpavriksha is the media of the lifestyle havens of South and Southeast Asia, or what some have termed the “Banana Pancake Trail” and that we have expanded into the Kalpavriksha Trail.

Remote working has made it possible to live full-time in places that were previously designed for tourism (See: “How the greatest human migration in history will happen in the next ten years“)

Over the next decade or two, a whole string of new alternative lifestyle towns and communities will emerge all across the Indosphere, as the brain drain out of mega cities accelerates.

We therefore support a viable, resilient, long term resident lifestyle on the Trail that we call Integral Tropical Lifestyle – this goes much deeper than the lifestyle of the usual backpacker, partygoer, boho, transient crowd that has traditionally been hopping through these towns.

We are trailblazing this new lifestyle and advocate for the ultimate tropical culture through the reviewing of sustainable lifestyle brands, services, eco-technologies and plant-based products.

Remember, with every dollar you spend, you are creating the world that you want to live in!

We have a bioregional approach, which means we introduce you to products and services from the whole Indomalaya bioregion.

Image: Eden Garden Bali