Image source: Ulpotha (a Buddhist agricultural community with Ayurveda therapies in the heartland of Sri Lanka)

We archive here the most useful tips from our WA group related to the “deep island lifestyle” – or Integral Tropical Lifestyle, or Primordial Lifestyle, or Ancient Elite Lifestyle, whatever we want to call it… 🔥


The truth about Oat Milk

Oat milk is a joke. 10% oats and water with a bunch of chemicals at 40k a box. Just blend tahini and water for a nutritionally superior ‘milk’. The other ingredients are optional:

  • Tahini 35 gr
  • Water 300 gr
  • Palm syrup 2 tea spoon
  • Salt 1/4 tea spoon
  • Chia seed 1 teaspoon
  • Vanilla 1/3 bean (scraped pod, seeds only)

Put all tahini in the blender and back in the container to make sure the fat is blended in. Place all ingredients in blender and process at high speed for 1 minute until smooth and correct texture.


  • When you infuse about 40 medicinal herbs in a blend of ghee and honey, the result is a true rasayana called Chyawanprash, designed by sage Chyawan thousands of years ago.
  • Each brand has slightly different ingredients for their Chyawanprash, but you always get at least 40 herbs
  • And there would be a lot to say about ghee and honey: both are bioenhancers (anupana) that carry the herbs deep into your tissues.
  • That’s why you can’t just take herbal powders capsules with a glass of water: the result is maybe 20% that what you get from taking herbs with ghee or with honey, not to mention ghee + honey. The ancients knew it – modern people are clueless about how things actually work
  • But it goes deeper than that: you cannot mix ghee and honey in equal proportions, or it becomes toxic. Ghee and honey are sacred substances, there are precise rules of intake.
  • Modern people have this childlike thinking: ghee = good on paper. Honey = good on paper. Therefore ghee + honey must be automatically good. Not true:

  • Also, honey cannot be heated above 40 degrees celsius or it becomes toxic (Rules about honey in Aurveda)
  • It cannot be mixed with radish or it becomes toxic.
  • It cannot be mixed with meats or it becomes toxic (so much for “honey roasts”), etc.

Living Water

Traditional Ways of Enhancing Water

  • Filtering the water with bamboo charcoal
  • Holding water in a copper vessel overnight (8 hours)
  • Holding water in a Schauberger egg (to make Living Water)
  • Adding trace minerals (or homeopatic drops, flower essences, etc)
  • Placing beneficial stones in the water such (as shungite, or gemstones)
    • Example: Herkimer diamonds are especially known for their purifying effects, including dissolving EMF radiations
  • Exposing the water to sunlight
  • Exposing the water to highly beneficial classical music of all types (Western, Gregorian, Indian ragas / veena, Pythagorean music, etc)
  • Placing beneficial information or symbols written on a paper underneath the water container (as demonstrated in the Masaru Emoto experiments)
  • Example of the Schauberger techniques for revitalizing water
  • There are many ways to revitalize water. Some methods can even increase the yield of the crops and/or keep the parasites away
  • Prayer has a proven effect upon it (as demonstrated by Masaru Emoto).

Purifying Water with Moringa Seeds

  • The seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree contain a cation (a positively charged ion), which acts as a coagulant in dirty waters. Natural coagulants have been used for centuries in traditional water treatment practices throughout some regions of the developing world.
  • Crushed Moringa seeds clarify and purify water to suit domestic use and lower the bacterial concentration in the water making it safe for drinking. The seed powder is as useful as technical, non-organic water-clarifying agents, such as aluminum sulfate (alum).
  • It is a simple and effective way of clearing dirty river waters since there are no toxic by-products associated with the use of Moringa seeds as a coagulant.
  • Studies have shown that this water filtering method can also diminish the content of harmful bacteria found in water. Depending on the quantity used, it removes 90-99% of bacteria contained in water.
  • One mature Moringa Oleifera tree can produce around 5,500 seeds per year. It can treat 7,000 liters of water.

To treat 5 gallons (20 liters) of water, you will need 2 spoonfuls (2 grams) of fine Moringa powder

  • Add 1 cup of water and shake for 5 minutes
  • Strain through a clean cloth into a barrel or bucket of untreated water
  • Stir rapidly for 2 minutes
  • Stir slowly for 10 minutes
  • Let it settle for 1 hour


Herbs and Healing Substances

  • Copaiba is an legal alternative to CBD oil in Bali, it has benefits that can’t be achieved with CBD. Because BCP directly binds to CB2 receptors, it produces rapid and powerful changes within the body. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t effectively bind to either receptor so it indirectly affects the ECS.
  • Drink Yellow Coconut. Yellow coconut is obat. You only see bule drinking the green ones.
  • Drink either Papaya leaf or Sambiloto weekly, 2 months into this ritual mosquitoes stopped biting me. – Wayan’s juice has papaya leaf & Nadis herbal can get you fresh Sambiloto
  • Trace minerals for your water
  • All herbs that taste bitter are still better taken as a drink, or as a tablet (vati), so that your tongue can feel the taste, which is a big part of getting its effects. That’s why in Ayurveda, herbs are not taken in capsules, but as vati (tablets). That’s the traditional and most effective way to do it.

Primitiva, the only vati maker in Bali

  • One basic rule that is easy to remember is to take any herbs with a “bioenhancer” (anupana) which will make sure the herb is perfectly assimilated. The most common bioenhancer is a formula called Trikatu (made of Black Pepper + Long Pepper (Javanese Pepper is an equivalent) + regular Ginger). This applies to almost all herbs intake – the rule is to add about 5% of Trikatu to your herbal blend to maximize absorption. In food dishes as well.
  • When living in a humid climate, we need hot, pungent herbs, to “dry” up the humidity. In modern times, everyone has turned to chili in these climates, which is cheap, addictive and unhealthy. Traditionally the solution was Trikatu, a blend of Black Pepper + Long Pepper + Ginger
    The combination of 3 ingredients having, as usual, much deeper and complex effects than each of them taken separately!
  • Our go-to shop for Indonesian and Ayurvedic herbs at local prices: Gubuk Herbal
  • Basic Rules of Food Combining – This is not only mentioned in Ayurveda – all traditions have observed the same things…That’s how we can just assume it’s true without needing to get into all the details as to why it’s technically a wrong food combination, etc. based on empirical observation over the centuries…
  • Black Turmeric – Not only to eliminate tumors and cancers, but it has mystical effects, it develops your intuition, or psychic abilities also. People call several herbs “black turmeric” or “black ginger” and there is a lot of confusion here. The one we are talking about here is Temu Ireng, or Curcuma aeruginosa. It’s called “black” but looks blue or rather, indigo.

Autonomous Island Systems

  • The HomeBiogas system transforms very efficiently all organic matter into cooking or heating fuel
  • Keluak seeds are used for natural fermentation in Indonesia. Keluak is nicknamed the “Indonesian truffle”. It is toxic when unprepared, but highly beneficial once prepared

Balinese Culture

  • Balinese “Hinduism” is a form of Saiva Siddantha. The Siddha tradition of South India is basically the origin of all Balinese and Old-Javanese magic and wisdom.
  • A fundamental scripture of ancient Java and Bali was translated in english, the Dharma Pātañjala
  • The little-known Balinese Book of the Dead (Kakawin Aji Palayon)

Vedic Culture

  • Vedic Origins of the Europeans: The Children of Danu – This legendary article that connects the cultures of Old Europe all the way to Balinese folklore, through the Vedic tradition. In Old Europe (pre-Christian and pre-Greek), the Mother Goddess was called Danu. Her name subsists in the Danube, one of the major European rivers, along which the first european civilizations developed (Vinca culture). And Danu is still the name of the Goddess of waters, in Bali as in Europe.
  • Ancient Root-Knowledge of the Indosphere
  • The Vedic 60-years astrological cycle is called the Samvatsara cycle. The Chinese equivalent is the Ganzhi

Agnihotra: the Primordial Fire Ritual

Bali Silent Retreat is one of the few places in Bali doing the proper Agnihotra fire ritual. Agnihotra is a 5,000 years old fire ritual held exactly at sunrise and at dawn, that – when practiced precisely according to the instructions – has been scientifically proven to bring healing effects, improve agriculture within a several hundreds-meters radius, eliminate EMF pollution in the atmosphere, and even remove nuclear radiation! (they tested it in Chernobyl)

  • The ashes resulting from this have strong medicinal effects. If you suffer from a life-long illness for example, this is something that could help where other things failed
  • It has a general effect of re-harmonizing your whole being and re-attuning it to the Earth’s and Sun’s cycles
  • And there is even more to it, some true borderline “paranormal” effects can be obtained with the ashes when used in a certain way
  • The Agnihotra also mysteriously brings peace to an area, so they have reported decreased levels of violence in violent crime areas, etc

Primordial Lifestyle

Ancient Games

The ancients had no time and energy to spend in shallow entertainment, so even their entertainments had meaning, learning and strengthening effects embeded into them.

The deeper in time you go, the more all activities of life had a spiritual component to them… For example, the original Tarot game was designed as an illustration of the Kabbalah, and later has devolved into divination only, and devolved further into the “tarot” playing cards.

  • Leela – an ancient spiritual game that is 5,000 years old. Leela means “divine play” in Sanskrit.
  • Notice the similarities between the Ancient Mexican game of Patolli and the Ancient Indian games of Pachisi and Chaupar: this again points out to a forgotten Primordial tradition that was once very similar all over the world.
  • The Rigveda mentions one dice game [The Ancient Vedic Dice Game], it’s the oldest written source that we have. “Dice obey immutable laws which are beyond the control of humans and nearer to the gods. The forces that control the movement of dice are, then, just another expression of natural laws, to which time with its different cycles is also subject. We could say that just as dice, while moving, function as agents of fortune and destiny, likewise the Yugas – and all time cycles – endlessly turn determining the destiny of the world. These names, Krra, Treta, Dvipara and Kali, are associated in Vedic literature with the game of dice. The names of the four Yugas go back a long way and they pre-date the theory of Four World Ages.”
  • Chaturanga: the original chess game. The chessboard pattern symbolizes Yin and Yang as they are known today, or ha and tha in Sanskrit (the 2 polarities), or poleng in Bali

Foods & Drinks

Nasi Goreng Suna Cekuh

  • A little-known Balinese recipe: Nasi Goreng Suna Cekuh is fried rice with turmeric, that is fried with butter (ideally ghee) instead of seed oil.
  • It also uses Galanga as the main flavoring agent (together with garlic)
  • If you are really lucky, you can find it as Nasi Tuna Suna Cekuh, so you get fish in it instead of chicken
  • This is apparently an ancient recipe dating from the time of the Hindu-Javanese kingdoms.
  • The original recipe was probably using Javanese Long Pepper, or Cabe Jawa (a medicinal cousin of the Indian pippali), instead of chili (red chili pepper was only introduced in the 1500s during the Colombian Exchange, at the time where the Hindu kingdoms declined in Java)

True Ayurveda

  • Ghrita is medicated ghee. They infuse 30-50 herbs into the ghee… now, that’s true medicine. There is a ghrita recipe for most health conditions
  • Another magical product based on ghee is Shata Dhauta Ghrita, or “100x washed ghee” that is another esoteric recipe used as a moisturizer.
    Here is how to make it. It shows how Real ancient recipes are just as powerful as modern nanotechnology, or whatever they’ve got nowadays… They obtained alchemical “nanotech” effects by boiling substances a certain amount of times, cooking it in a certain order, etc. That is true Primordial Tradition.

Daily Life “Hacks”


  • Sulfur is one of these primal substances that can fix all kinds of issues (just like baking soda, ghee, etc):
    • It kills coackroaches, keeps ants and rats away, more powerfully than other substances that are usually recommended. Ants won’t cross a barrier made of sulfur
    • Since it eliminates all types of fungus, it is also the true overkill remedy if you have itchy scalp, dandruff, etc. It worls where everything else fails, including powerful substances like Tea Tree oil. Sulfur is very good for acne as well
    • It costs next to nothing, yet works better than expensive shampoos. So that’s something to put on the list of Essentials for any autonomous community
    • you have to mix it well with your shampoo, otherwise you can’t spread it on your hair. Sulfur is the anti-humid substance by definition – it is one of the dryest things, which is why it kills anything related to water or humidity (and to the Water element in energetic terms)

The Three Primes of Alchemy – “Sulfur represents properties such as dryness, heat, and masculinity. In alchemy, it could also represent evaporation, expansion, and dissolution. In terms of human body, it represented the soul.”

Repairable, “Forever” Electronics

  • To get away from Apple, Dell, Microsoft, etc, use a System76 repairable laptop, which is based on an open-source design and runs on Linux, so it is totally independent from big corporations. The Lemur Pro is probably their best laptop

  • Fairphone is the ultimate repairable phone that can replace all other phones:
    • They are now at the 5th version of the Fairphone, and it’s really robust.  It is part of the Right-to-Repair movement and of the general FOSS (Open-Source) movement
    • It’s totally repairable, lasts 10+ years easily, doesn’t use toxic materials, etc.
    • All parts can be upgraded for cheap over the years, leading to minimal waste and maximum reliability

Western Traditional Medicine

  • Mithridate (or mithridatium), is a semi-mythical remedy with as many as 65 ingredients, used as an antidote for poisoning, and said to have been created by Mithridates VI Eupator of Pontus in the 1st century BC. It was one of the most complex and highly sought-after drugs during the Middle Ages.
  • In the West, the use of ghee had been lost once the tribes stopped being nomads. But they infused herbs into honey instead. These preparations are called electuaries in classical Western medicine.
  • For tumors, there are various Bioresonance devices (non-invasive, non-radiation therapy), such as the Metatron Hunter 4025 and the Spooky2 machines. BCX machine with plasma is well-regarded too, and is probably the most powerful. Metatron is based upon simplified/commercial ‘scalar waves’ research, which is a different technology from Rife frequencies.
  • The ultra simple remedy of Dr Otto Warburg, a Nobel prize who did research on cancer. But like many such alternative research, his got buried by the official establishment – He simply recommended to mix lemon juice and baking soda in a glass of warm water. This drink is the fastest way to alkalinize your body, and he proved that cancer tumors can’t survive in an alkaline environment. This formula is also excellent to purify after an alcohol hangover
  • The super-breakfast recipe created by another Nazi scientist (Dr Werner Kollath), which is said to repair wounds, restore homeostasis and even regrow teeth! The mainstream published versions of the recipe are often not correct (people add or replace ingredients which were not in the original recipe). I’ll post the real version from the original research papers

Western Esoterics

The Ultimate ‘Ancient Trade Routes’ Shop

We shall eventually build the ultimate shop that gathers all true powerful products from the Indomalayan realm and beyond, because most of the truly effective stuff isn’t known in modern organic circles.

Like Anardana, like Agarwood oil, or Dragon’s Blood (another primordial, esoteric substance that was known all over the ancient world), or Kemiri oil (also excellent for hair), or Kenari nuts, or Snakehead (fish that restores collagen), or Javanese herbal cigarettes, or Sappanwood, or Ashitaba, or medicinal honeys, Chinese medicated oils, Ayurvedic churnas, strengthening snacks, rare berries, kava-kava and a hundred other things from the ancient world that you can’t find in regular organic shops…

At Kalpavriksha we have an “ancient trade routes” mentality, which means we are blending the best elements from all classical cultures, in order to achieve the ultimate Ancient Elite Lifestyle.

Reading List

Here are the books that were mentioned in the Kalpavriksha group talks:

Primordial Tradition

  • Food, Fire and Fragrance – Classic Maya Cave Rituals
  • Indo-European Fire Rituals – Cremation and Cosmogony
  • Frazer, J.G. – Balder the Beautiful – The Fire Festivals of Europe and the Doctrine of the External Soul – Gives the explanation about the original “Burning Man” festival of the ancient Europeans
  • Atwood, Lara – The Ancient Religion of the Sun. The Wisdom Bringers and The Lost Civilization of the Sun (2018)

Taoist Sex

  • Immortal Sisters – Secret Teachings of Taoist Women
  • Sex, Health and Long Life – Manuals of Taoist Practice
  • The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress – Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters
  • The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon – Taoist Methods for Male Sexual Revitalization

Scalar Waves Therapies

  • Lakhovsky, Georges – The Secret of Life – Cosmic Rays And Vital Radiations (1939)
  • Lakhovsky, Georges – Waves That Heal

Alternative Healing

  • Schauberger, Viktor – Living Water 

Possible Group Purchases

All top products to import from India as a group purchase, to lower costs and ease importation:

  • Anardana
  • Raja’s Cup – Ayurvedic coffee substitute. A precise blend of four potent herbs – Clearing-nut tree (seed), Coffee senna (seed), Licorice (root), Ashwagandha (root). Revered by the kings of ancient India for strength and overall well-being. It is made by Maharishi Ayurveda, a very well regarded brand, which makes some other incredibly powerful products as well
  • Chyawanprash
  • Brahma Rasayana