We are using an open-source alternative to Whatsapp, called Session:

  • Session functions by using a free crypto ID as your identifier (not a phone number), which makes it truly private and independent.
  • With Session you do not even need a SIM card! Only wifi is required. It’s a true off-grid solution.

How to join us:

  1. Download Session
  2. Create your ID. It will look like 05b07f36cd72e2e474fa796a0e5f5266345bd2a30845e9f359fb31b007d1c9ec59
  3. Keep your ID in a secure place, like KeePassXC (or any other password manager)
  4. Add your first contact (copy/paste): 05b07f36cd72e2e474fa796a0e5f5266345bd2a30845e9f359fb31b007d1c9ec59
  5. Ask to join the Kalpavriksha group
  6. Optional: Install Session on your desktop (to have a backup, in case you lose your phone)

Why we are moving to Session:

  • Whatsapp is owned by Meta, a giga-corporation that also owns Facebook and Instagram. We don’t want to depend on that anymore
  • Session is totally private, open-source, decentralized and cannot be shut down by anyone (just like torrenting, Bitcoin, Tor, etc.)
  • Centralization is a huge vulnerability. What do Telegram, Viber, Signal and other mainstream messaging apps have in common? They are all centralized. They can be shut down anytime by any government, as happened recently in India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Brazil, Morocco, etc.
  • There is also the possibility of global outages.
  • Overall it is insane to depend on one single company for all your communication needs

Session Messenger Review: the best Messaging App?

  • Fully anonymous account creation: No phone number nor email is needed to create a Session ID
  • No metadata logging: Session doesn’t store, track, or log any messaging metadata
  • IP address protection: IP addresses are never exposed to anybody, nor to any intermediary servers
  • Secure attachments: Share voice snippets, photos and files with Session’s securely
  • Multi-device syncing: One Session ID for both your phone and computer
  • Decentralized server network: Messages are stored on Session’s decentralized network, without using any central server(s)
  • Session is built on a network of user-operated servers spread all over the world: no data breaches, no central point of failure
  • Session is a Free Open-Source System (FOSS) maintained by the Loki Network, Australia’s first privacy non-profit organization
  • Session’s onion routing system uses Oxen‘s network, which also power the $OXEN cryptocurrency
  • Any questions? See the Session FAQ