Image source: Yoloha

Most yoga mats are made with PVCs and other harsh and harmful chemicals. Cork yoga mats are a safer to use, environmentally friendly and perfect for your practice, with its lightweight, antimicrobial, and high-performance qualities.

  • Cork is Eco-Friendly – Cork is made from the Cork Oak Tree, and comes from the outer layer of the tree’s bark. The Cork Oak Tree regenerates its stripped bark, thus making cork renewable and environmentally safe (harvested trees even absorb five times more carbon dioxide than their non-harvested counterparts).
  • Cork is Antimicrobial (self-cleaning!) – Yoga mats tend to carry a lot of bacteria and germs. Using a cork mat reduces this naturally. Antimicrobial properties naturally found in cork kill germs and bacteria and also prevent odors. This also mean you won’t need to clean your mat as often.
  • Cork is Lightweight – Cork yoga mats are much lighter than most rubber mats.
  • Great Yoga Performance – Cork is very durable and it also offers a lot of traction (ideal for all types of yoga) and is a pleasure to practice on. Some cork yoga mats also combine cork with natural rubber for an enhanced experience.

Image source: YogicYantra

Best Cork Yoga Mat Brands

• Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat – A harmonious blend of two recycled materials: cork and rubber. Mats are body-kind with no latex, PVC’s or harsh chemicals which make them easy to keep fresh and its closed cell will not trap odors. Not a single tree is cut down to harvest cork; rather, the bark is stripped by hand every 9 years. Additionally, no bark is wasted during the cork production process, and the residue is granulated to make other cork products and even cork dust is used for fuel.

• Valka Cork Yoga Mat – Built to last from only two sustainable, environmentally friendly, SGS certified materials – recycled cork and natural rubber. Perfectly balanced with a dense non-slip 3mm rubber base that firmly grips the floor – a base that is thick enough to provide correct support and comfort, yet light enough to be used as a home, studio or travel yoga mat. The cork mat keeps clean naturally – so you spend more time practicing yoga and less time cleaning.

• Aurorae Cork Yoga Mat – 100% Natural Portugal Oak Cork with Rubber bottom. Eco Safe, Non Toxic, Free of PVC, TPE, Chemicals/Plastics. All Natural Plant based. Biodegradable and Recyclable Yoga Mat. Cork is Naturally Antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and odors.

• Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat and Brick – All-natural, sustainable cork on one side and a non-toxic, lightweight TPE natural rubber on the other Extra thick yoga mat: 5mm thick with no-slip surface for superior cushion, support and traction.

• Mantra Cork Yoga Mats – The Mantra™ Cork Yoga Mat comes with a convenient carrying strap for yoga on-the-go. The extra thick rubber padding and non-slip cork surface provide incredible support throughout any pose or exercise.

• Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks – ‘Manduka’ is the Sanskrit for ‘frog’. Made of sustainable cork, this high quality yoga block has a firmness that allows you to feel secure support.

Image source: YogicYantra