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In my travels through Bali and Java I would often see antique Javanese Joglo houses for sale. They were actually designed and built to be able to be dismantled and moved easily.

The price they had on this one was approximately $8,000 USD, but if you shop around you can buy even larger ones for less.

These fabulous traditional bungalows, also known as Joglo and Limasan, depending on their style, make the perfect guest houses for mild climates, either for private use or in hotel settings […].

These one-of-a-kind traditional Javanese houses are usually at least 100 years old and made from durable maintenance-free teak wood, featuring beautifully carved details and elevated floors.

Unlike modern structures pounded and fixed together with nails, brackets and toxic adhesives, joglos are fit together like giant puzzles; you won’t find a single nail or screw in the entire building.

The original and larger Limasan and Joglos houses can take up to a month to renovate. The houses are then disassembled for shipment. An assembly instruction diagram is included, but a professional carpenter is required for installation. The foundation for the small houses can be created by putting it on stilts (4 round pillars).

Also there are loads of producers in Bali and Java who sell new ones in kit form, which are very cheap and can be shipped to the USA. Even with the shipping it’s cheaper to buy one of the beautiful hand-made solid teak homes, than to build one in the US. Here are some links to producers: