Cheruthen (Balinese Medicinal Honey)

Cheruthen, or Stingless Bee Honey is a rare medicinal honey which is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey.

  • Stingless bee (Meliponini bees) honey is considered medicinal because it collects nectar and pollen from small, wild-growing plants where it is it is difficult for bigger bees to get inside smaller flowers.
  • Stingless bees largely feed on coco palm, banana, guava, papaya, mango, tamarind, thumbapoo, touch-me-not plant (thottavadi), jackfruit tree, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Communist pacha, kulir mavu, teak
  • Cheruthen is thinner than normal honey, because of its high moisture content. This ferments the honey and is considered highly medicinal.
  • It has a sour-sweet taste, just like honey/lemon, because of its fermentation (similar to the process involved in making kefir)
  • Because of its high antimicrobial properties, cheruthen is useful in treating a lot of diseases. It also helps build immunity
  • Because of its qualities, Cheruthen is used in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine.
  • Cheruthen production is much less compared to that of ordinary honey.
  • Normal honey bees can produce up to 40 times more honey than stingless bees.
  • The average honey production by a stingless bee colony is about 350 grams to 1kg of honey in a year.
  • This makes the honey from stingless bees more expensive and rare.

Medicinal uses

  • Cheruthen is very effective as a wound and burn healer (in external application)
  • It reduces obesity if used daily with warm water. Helps in reducing weight or beer belly
  • Sharpens memory, especially for kids
  • Has general antiaging (rasayana) effects
  • A very good food for brain development in children
  • Very effective for cold and cough
  • Helps to fall asleep deep at night
  • Pregnant ladies can benefit from it
  • Gives a glowing skin and lips
  • One of the best natural medicine for constipation
  • Contains no bee pollen. So there is no chance for allergies due to pollen
  • It is also important for bones and teeth
  • Aphrodisiac effects have been reported


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