Sambrani (Benzoin resin) Incense

  • Sambrani (Benzoin resin) is a balsamic resin that comes from trees of the Styracaceae family.
  • The resin is dried and powdered after that sold in markets in the form of powder or blocks.
  • It has been used in traditional cultures for thousands of years
  • Sambrani is extremely effective at clearing a space energetically.
  • It is burned intensively when when people are ill
  • It is burned during auspicious events.
  • When a death happens, Sambrani can be burnt for up to 12 days, to clear the atmosphere completely
  • Sambrani is the Tamil name. It is also known as loban in Hindi and Kemenyan in Indonesia

  • Sambrani is a very powerful substance. It has been found that it also kills certain types of bacteria in the air and on surfaces.
  • It has a powerful impact on the atmosphere. It is is a substance which purifies the air and makes the atmosphere feel livelier.
  • If you burn Sambrani in the house, though you are indoors, it will make it feel like outdoors, an unstructured space.
  • Sambrani calms you down. Sambrani’s smell somehow fills you with joy and serenity.
  • Ayurveda advises the use of Sambrani to calms the nerves and create tranquility.
  • Sambrani for mosquitoes – You can use Neem incense and kungiliyam powder with Sambrani around your house to keep mosquitoes away
  • Sambrani (Benzoin) is also called Loban in North India. Loban is derived from the Arabic word luban, which is a term all types of wood resin incenses

Traditional method

  • The traditional method of using sambrani is to break it into small pieces and then sprinkle them on a burning charcoal.
  • Method: Heat the charcoal pieces until red hot and transfer to a sambrani stand. Then sprinkle sambrani powder or crystals on top of it.

  • But nowadays, sambrani is available in different forms such as incense sticks for convenience and instant usage.

Sambrani Cups

  • Lighting a Sambrani cup is the most popular method in India. It is the easiest form of Sambrani burning
  • Sambrani cups were introduced to deal with the problem associated with the traditional method.
  • The red hot heated charcoal blocks are replaced with charcoal cups and fine Sambrani crystals are transferred inside the cup.

Two types of Sambrani

  • Sambrani is produced in Java, Vietnam, Thailand and Sumatra.
  • Sambrani from Sumatra has a different smell and texture than Sambrani from Thailand.
  • There are two types of Sambrani commonly available, one is Siam Benzoin Gum which comes from Styrax tonkinensis and the other one is Sumatra Benzoin Gum which comes from Styrax benzoin.
    • Siam Benzoin Gum – Reddish yellow on the outside and milky white on the inside. Used in pharmaceuticals and perfumes. It is available in 4 different grades ranging from large resin chunks to fine powder.
    • Sumatra Benzoin Gum – Reddish to grey-brown in color and comes with a strong styrax-like odor which is completely different from Siam. Mainly used as a fragrance in soaps and detergents.

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