Tattva’s Herbs – Highly concentrated C02 supercritical extracts

Banyan Botanicals

Vadik Herbs – High-quality classical Ayurvedic herbal medicines.

Herbadiet One of the cheapest organic Ayurvedic brands

Ayurvedic Cosmetics

True Veda

Kama Ayurveda

Natural Clothing and Vegan Clothing Stores

Ayurganic – Organic clothing made according to the ancient science of Ayurvastra

Hippie Pants Authentically Thai Vegan and Fairtrade clothing.

Boody Ultra-soft bamboo organic clothing and ecowear.

Island Clothing / Resort Wear

Nusantara Clothing Inspired by the raw, sinuous grace of the Apsaras…

Zero Waste Shops / Zero Waste Products

Divine Copper – Replaces all your household items with their copper equivalent.

Spiritual Supplies

Garuda Shop Tibetan incense, jewelry

Spiritual Art

Spiritual Lifestyle

Dharma Vibes – Canvas Art, Mandala Tapestry, Hoodies, Shirts, Bedding Sets, 3D Lamps, Shoes

Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable Travel Companies

Plant-based Lifestyle

Simply Gum Chewing gum, plant-based and aspartame-free