Ayurvedic laddu (5 laddu – 100g)


  • Laddu comes from the Sanskrit ladduka, which means a “small ball”
  • Common ingredients include grains, pulses, semolina flour, as a base to which items such as sesame, dry fruit, nuts and various medicinal herbs are added, blended with ghee, oils and jaggery
  • The result is a very nutritious food, easy to take as a snack
  • Many laddu recipes exist, from simple desserts, to the very powerful medicinal ones
  • Medicinal laddu recipes were designed by ancient sages such as Susruta, so as to be taken effortlessly
  • The ancient principles behind laddu make them differ totally than the “vegan chocolate balls” and other made-up recipes popular on the modern organic market
  • Because of their extraordinary content, laddus are used as offerings to the gods (prasad)


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