Authentic SHILAJIT – Genuine Himalayan SHILAJIT in It’s Natural, Pure and Most Potent Resin Form. 10 Grams (1-2 Month Supply) Price: $59.99 (as of 15/01/2020 22:58 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

GENUINE HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT in It’s Natural, Pure and Most Potent RESIN Form.

We exclusively offer one of the best and genuine Himalayan shilajit in its natural, pure and most potent form. A black mineral resin.

Our pure shilajit is sourced at altitudes above 16,000 feet (4,900 meters). We personally go back and forth to the Himalayas every year to source and select the Highest Grade shilajit that exists.

Authentic Shilajit is packaged in non reactive, BPA Free, lab grade plastic containers in a cGMP FDA registered facility.

Our tin is a recyclable outside package. Our shilajit never comes into contact with metal.

Our shilajit is not subjected to any solvent extraction, standardization, commercial processing or adulteration. It is naturally PURIFIED, according to traditional Tibetan requirements, with filtered spring water before being laboratory tested for safety.

The general public are unaware that there are four grades of genuine shilajit. Only the highest grade, which is extremely rare, possesses the entire legendary effects one reads about.

Because we obtain our shilajit at the source, and not through wholesalers and middlemen, we are able to make a choice only the top grade shilajit. We deal directly with high altitude villagers who have been hand collecting shilajit for a millennia. We treat them with fairness and respect. We are the only supplier of top grade, 100% pure, Himalayan shilajit on Earth.

The source we have located produces shilajit with the purest concentration of essential minerals and nutrients. Shilajit of this quality and potency is extremely rare and supplies are limited.

Warning: Shilajit has been reported by some users to produce immense energy. Others have reported a calming effect.

Our shilajit is potent and powerful. We are the exclusive manufacturer and seller of this product. Beware of imitations. ***Depending on the ambient temperature it’s going to change into softer and sticky when warm and when cool it becomes firm.***

HIGHEST GOLD GRADE Authentic Shilajit provided in it’s purified RESIN form. A black gooey mineral complex. We do not offer capsules or powder.

Shilajit contains a large number of minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally and fulvic acid, which helps the body absorb these minerals at a cellular level.

LAB TESTED FOR SAFETY by USA, third party, FDA registered, cGMP certified, independent laboratory.

100% PURE, traditionally purified Himalayan shilajit.

WE PERSONALLY SOURCE, select and oversee purification in the Himalayas. We never take care of middle men.

WILD CRAFTED from pristine and remote regions at altitudes above 16,000 feet.

• Authentic Shilajit is a hand-harvested resin from the Himalayan Mountains that is an adaptogenic and neurostimulating mineral complex containing over 18 amino acids.
• It is known to enhance the immune system and support the endocrine system. Therefore supporting mood, hormones, libido (increasing creative and sexual energy), sleep-wake cycles, hair growth, cognition, and energy.
• Ancient Ayurvedic text states that when gradually taken, (in adequate amounts) it tends to improve the strength and complexion of the body.
• Ancient Ayurvedic text also believes it to be the best rejuvenator.
• Many use Authentic Shilajit for its anti-inflammatory benefits, which is ideal for overall health.
• Authentic Shilajit is amazing for enhancing the properties of other herbs by acting as a catalytic agent.
• There are many heavy metal ladened, low-grade shilajit powders on the market; however Lotus Blooming Herb’s genuine Authentic Shilajit is a natural resin that is plant based and found veined within the rocks of the Himalayas, and is carefully purified. They then follow traditional Tibetan form of purification, which uses only pure clean spring water, the sun, and the final process of heating to ensure all possible microbes are removed. This is why I’ve only had and continue to use Lotus Blooming Herb’s Shilajit.
• Immunity, immunity, immunity.

Ayurvedic instructions recommend that shilajit be dissolved in hot organic milk, or taken with ghee, or raw unpasteurized honey to increase delivery to the body. Vegans can also enjoy it with coconut oil. When in a hurry, I personally just take a grain size amount and let it dissolve under my tongue before enjoying my daily tonic or smoothie that has other adaptogenic herbs. Or I’ll dissolve the same amount in my warm tonics or tea (with fat) to enhance the other herbs’ targeted benefits.




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