• To be “spiritual” is about pretending to be “positive” and “non-judgmental” all the time, even in front of the worst absurdities.
  • Believes vegan is the supreme diet, while none of the Ayurvedic or other real traditional diets were ever vegan (ghee and honey are the core superfoods in Ayurveda, not the avocado toasts of the New Age subculture)
  • Ignores true herbal remedies, instead finding refuge in kindergarten, faux-“healing foods” such as cacao and smoothie bowls (real medicinal formulas are usually bitter and prepared according to proven, timeless principles laid out in scriptures – not just made up by some Anglo suburbanite blogger mom with a sweet tooth)
  • Ignores actual traditions because they don’t fit into the hipster lifestyle, and base their DIY “spirituality” upon books by fashionable modern authors instead (but they’ve never heard of Agastya or the lontar)
  • Many are poseurs, or “self actors” trying to feel special. Bourgeois social attitudes remain the same as in any mundane urban environment
  • Lots of wantrepreneurs and people with big plans, but in the end it’s just about socializing, partying and basic hedonism. Lots of indecisive 40+ years old manchilds and escapists of all sorts
  • Most are in a travel FOMO rush all the time. Can’t live 3 months in Ubud without having an urge to hop to Thailand next, or planning to go to Costa Rica, or Tulum, or wanting to go back home to “sort out some things” (actually missing mummy, daddy and familiar surroundings), then getting stuck in Farangland for a year or two before escaping again to a new Tropical Wank3r Town
  • Can’t decide to stay in the same place for 5-10 years and contribute to improve it into an actual sustainable “paradise”. Most TWT residents prefer to hop from Tropical Wank3r Town to Tropical Wank3r Town, always remaining within a hectic, restless consumer-hedonist paradigm, without contributing to anything
  • All are environmentalists, but ignore their massive jet-setting lifestyle’s carbon footprint
  • Preaches about a minimalist lifestyle while life’s belongings are at parents’ house.
  • Call themselves a nomad but are over-reliant on mainstream technology, infrastructure and logistics for basic survival. Very few are involved in true alternative systems that could actually bring a societal change (such as the Open-Source movement, etc)
  • Lots of scammy travelling “healers”, faux-“shamans” and “life coaches” who drop in Bali 3 weeks every 6 months, trying to book as many clients beforehand, to squeeze as much money as possible in as little time as possible before moving to their next Tropical Wank3r Town destination (even portraying their short visit as some sort of privilege to meet them and their half-assed “therapies”)
  • A myriad of “conscious events” entrepreneurs that are basically into the business of selling human contact. The language used is always the same: “transform, core values, integrity, authenticity, boundaries, embodiment, empower, co-creating, inspire, awake, flow”… to create an illusion that something is actually going on.
  • Everything is about “emotions”, “relationships”, “traumas”, cacao cuddle puddles and music events. No thinking nor learning is ever involved. Only a tiny minority seems interested in actual knowledge or seeking a more meaningful lifestyle. However, most do seem to leave dissatisfied with the ambient superficiality, not having found what they came looking for.
  • Invasion of the “women’s circle” zombies – the 2020s version of Tupperware parties, “women’s circles” are a fashionable way to channel the same old pent up female emotions, wrapped into a whole new glossary of “self-love” gibberish, going round and round in circles.
  • Lots of “back to childhood” activities are being offered, such as playing with clay, painting, “dances” that require no learning curve, cooking classes to learn how to fry basic stuff that would make any local laugh, etc. You see a lot of these clueless people well into their 30s, 40s or 50s behaving like special ed.
  • Enormous prevalence of “cat lovers” and “dog lovers” to compensate for a lack of purpose, inability to truly connect with others, and the need to withdraw into a “safe zone”. Cats and dogs seem to be a major concern in Tropical Wank3r Towns. Escaping to “paradise” only to get bored and catering to pets.
  • Pretends to live a hippie-boho-tropical lifestyle while relying on a Charles Schwab Platinum credit card, being ready to call the travel insurance number at the back of the card at the slightest downturn (such as during the earthquake in Gili Trawangan, when all the “loving” hedonists turned at each others’ throats to be first to board the next ship… The only ones to keep a cool head and organize things were the few ex-military alcoholics on the island – not the vegan, dog-loving hipsters…)
  • Artificialization and californization of everything. As Ubud and other TWTs started to attract more vapid normies, you now have fitness clubs with gym machines, indoors tennis courts with plastic grass under an aluminium roof, people coming from Sweden and Canada to take an “ice bath” in Bali, and all sorts of other superficial, wasteful nonsense right in the middle of places that were initially attractive precisely because of their laid-back, organic, low-tech life. Quickly, your Tropical Wank3r Town becomes just another globohomo resort with nail salons, skin laser clinics and gelato parlors
  • Make-believe “digital nomad” lifestyle: during Covid, Ubud was empty, shops were closed. Everybody was back to Suburbia. Ubud then revealed itself for what it is: very few actually live here, it is mostly a stage town for perpetual tourists, trustafarians and semi-retired people living off annuities and divorce pensions
The quest for comfort first and foremost, material and especially emotional, is what drives this specific type of “community” that feels like one big global bar/club meant to hang out and not much else. With some luck though, you can still find the one/two right people who will make a mark in your life, but the search through shallowness is often disheartening.” – Roithamer Zoe
Source: Deep Bali
Originally posted on Deep Bali