Mostly known internationally for being the 2nd biggest producer of plastic garbage in the world and for the massive destruction of the Borneo and Sumatra rainforest by the palm oil industry, Indonesia is nonetheless home to a growing number of green, eco brands:


In Sanskrit, avani means ‘Earth’. The company especially provides plastic bags made from cassava root starch and natural resins. Indonesia is rife with plastic pollution, and waste management is a huge problem, with people still burning plastics as a way to get rid of them.

Avani replaces grocery bags, straws, cutlery, cups and styrofoam takeaway containers with afully biodegradable alternative. Avani bags biodegrade in 3-6 months, and leave no toxic residues.

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Avani replaces all plastic packaging

Sensatia Botanicals

A skincare brand with organic ingredients, Sensatia Botanicals provides bath, body and face products that are now supplied to five-star hotels in Indonesia. Products include red roses shea butter soap, lemongrass tart body lotion, chamomile tea facial toner, blossom facial dream cream, and rosemary mint bubble bath. They provide essential oils, such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, and patchouli.

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Utama Spice

Using all natural ingredients in its body butters, lip balms, liquid soaps, salt scrubs, body mists and bug sprays. Base substances used are cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and pure essential oils. All products are free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulfates and palm oil.

Utama Spice is a brand similar to OmMade Skincare and is based on the principle of skin food – that if you won’t put something in your mouth, you probably shouldn’t lather it on your skin either.

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Active wear created using eco textiles, with ethical manufacturing and fair-trade practices. The brand works with family-run manufacturers and avoids cotton produced with GMO seeds or pesticides. Dyes are without harmful chemicals. The brand provides chic yoga outfits, lounge wear and swim suits.

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Indigo Luna

A yoga and swimwear brand, Indigo Luna promotes an eco-conscious way of life. Sustainable fabrics are used, with materials like organic bamboo, plant-based dyes, and ECONYL, a textile made of recycled nylon from plastic trash collected from landfills and oceans.

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Aranya Ayurvedics

In Sanskrit, aranya means ‘forest-bound’, ‘wild’ and ‘bountiful’. Aranya Ayurvedics is most famous for their Gayatri ghee and their masala tea. Their products include a range of natural foods such as digestive and cleansing teas, healing spice mixes and delicious condiments made in Indonesia.

• Gumi Bamboo

Gumi Bamboo is a Lombok-based bamboo cutlery company that helps local women to get out of illegal and toxic stone mining. All products come from bamboo sourced from Karang Sidemen village, which is managed as Community Forestry.

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Indosole has expanded across Indonesia and the United States since 2009. It aims to help relieve Indonesia’s pollution problem by taking the country’s landfill waste tires and fitting the upcycled rubber into the soles of its durable products. The other parts of the footwear are crafted by Indonesian artisans and made of natural materials such as organic canvas, banana leaves, and grass.

• Javara

Javara creates a chain from production to distribution to preserve Indonesia’ s biodiversity and bring community-based, organic products to international markets. Javara provides over 600 artisanal products and works with over 50,000 smallholder farmers across Indonesia. Javara currently has over 250 organic products that are certified under the EU, US, NOP and JAS standards.

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Eco Mantra

Eco Mantra is an Indonesian consulting company that develops environmental properties by demonstrating the financial benefits of sustainable engineering, while also bringing back best traditional practices. Eco Mantra makes it easy for properties to become environmental friendly by measuring and improving resource consumption, developing standards for sustainable engineering design and construction, and providing green building certification.

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