• Aqua Lamp – runs on Water and Salt

An Emergency LED lantern that runs on Water and Salt. It uses no batteries, electricity, sunlight or liquid fuel. Powered by a renewable magnesium fuel cell. All you add is salt and water allowing you to generate power anytime, anywhere! Delivers over 100 hours of continuous reliable lighting.

Urpower Essential Oils Ultrasonic Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser crafted with a bamboo outer shell. The Ultrasonic technology keeps the mist coming out smoothly. The water or oil will diffuse in the air quickly and be absorbed easily.

Ecoegg Mineral Laudry Detergent

A mineral-based system for washing clothes that works without the use of chemical laundry detergents. The device is kind to the environment, not tested on animals, and made out of recyclable materials wherever possible. It is much longer-lasting than your average powdered detergent and costs less per use.

LifeStraw Portable Water Filter

A straw that filters polluted water and turns it into drinkable water. LifeStraw consists of hollow, fibrous membranes that have microscopic pores that trap contaminants.

Trishula Edible Cutlery

Edible cutlery made with dough made from a mixture of rice, sorghum, and wheat flours. Does not contain any chemicals or additives.

Bocado Edible Spoons

Another dible cutlery brand. High moisture resistant- Great for every occasion; weddings, caterings, indoor and outdoor celebrations. Thin and crispy- Use it to eat your favorite meal and reduce the single use plastic spoon. Vegan and Low Calorie.

Bambu Natural Disposable Dinnerware

Quality bamboo disposable dinnerware.

Piñatex – Textile from Pineapple Leaf Fiber

Natural textile made from pineapple leaf fiber! Piñatex is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. Not using leather from animal skins reduces considerably our environmental impact.

Kaitnax – Anti-Microfibers Ball

A device that removes microfibers from laundry – One of the biggest pollution challenges today is the microfiber that flows into the ocean every time we use a washing machine. The Kaitnax ball removes small plastic particles from laundry during the wash cycle to prevent them from getting into the water system.