Kalpavriksha Ubud empowers our members through the transmission of the Integral Tropical Lifestyle and provides support through our meetups and associated activities.

1. Activities include:

Meetups (samāgama) can be held at Purnima (New Moon), Shivaratri (Black Moon) or Ekadashi (monthly fasting day).

Balinese medicinal herbs (full list)

2. ‘Ancient Elite’ Lifestyle

For serious members, our teachings also include very effective, esoteric Yogas, such as:

  • “Yoga of Nutrition” (Hrani Yoga)
  • “Yoga of the Sun” (Surya Yoga)
  • “Yoga of Perfect Accomplishment” (‘Yoga of Wealth’) and others
  • Raja Yoga – Mind Power courses and practices

Dewata Nawa Sanga, a symbol of spiritual knowledge in the ancient Indonesian Hindu kingdoms

We empower our members with knowledge from ancient holistic sciences that include all aspects of life, such as:

3. Ancient Healing Foods

  • A foundation of our community is the research and perfection of a diet made of a fusion of the best Ancient Healing Foods 
  • It includes only authentic foods that are both tasty and nutritious and have a long, proven history (unlike the countless diet fads invented by modern nutritionists, like “paleo”, “vegan”, etc…)

4. Eco-Village Project

We are building an eco-village that concentrates the best of all traditional knowledge:

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