Kalpavriksha Ubud empowers our members through teachings of the Integral Tropical Lifestyle and provides support through our meetups and associated activities.

1. Community

Kalpavriksha Ubud holds regular meetups (called “groundings” or samagama). Our activities include:

  • Sharing rare medicinal herbal teas and other forgotten, magical drinks
  • Sharing powerful ancient healing foods (such as laddu)
  • Sharing advanced rejuvenation techniques (rasayana)
  • Plant medicine and holistic therapies
  • Rejuvenating Breathwork (pranayama)
  • Fire rituals and Fire meditations
  • Art of Relaxation practices
  • Secrets of Balinese medicinal herbs
  • Smoking medicinal herbs (dhumpana)
  • One of our central activities is the reasoning, a discussion among members to share our experiences and vulnerabilities
  • Meetings are held at Purnima (New Moon), Shivaratri (Black Moon) and Ekadashi (monthly fasting day)

2. Teachings

Our teachings empower our members with knowledge from ancient holistic sciences that include all aspects of life, such as:

For inner circle members, our teachings also include very effective, esoteric Yogas, such as:

3. Services

  • Tantric Healing & Rejuvenation courses
  • Delivery of Ancient Elite Foodsin Ubud and Bali
  • Research on Rejuvenating Herbs, with many herbs little known in mainstream organic circles
  • Sourcing of Ancient Elite Lifestyle products
  • Ayurvastra Clothing and accessories (base don the ancient art of Herbal Medicinal Clothing)
  • Raja Yoga Mind Power courses and practices

Dewata Nawa Sanga, a symbol of spiritual knowledge in the ancient Indonesian Hindu kingdoms

4. Ancient Elite Foods

  • A foundation of our community is the research and perfection of a diet made of a fusion of the best Ancient Elite Foods 
  • It includes only authentic foods that are both tasty and nutritious and have a long, proven history (unlike the countless diet fads invented by modern “nutritionists”, like paleo, vegan, etc…)

5. Rejuvenation Village

We are also working on a long-term project to build an eco-village where we would concentrate the best of all rejuvenation techniques and the best of all island lifestyles in the same location:

(Drawing is for illustration purposes only)