Ubud’s Finest Resources List (v. 0.8)

Here is Kalpavriksha Ubud’s list of essential services for an Integral Bali Lifestyle (if a service you need is not listed, ask us here)

Organic Stores

Goat ghee – a rare ancient superfood – at Valenta‘s

Organic Markets

Deli Foods

Almost every international food is produced locally in Bali:

  • Alam Sari Deli Foods – A full catalog of the best ingredients from all around Indonesia selected for their authenticity and taste
  • Cantina Grocery – Plastic-free packaging & certified palm oil free – WA +62 8557823111
  • Yava Granola – Granolas and Cashew snacks, from East Bali’s cashew plantations
  • Valenta – Cow Ghee and Goat Ghee from grass feed milk, and a variety of cheese (made in Bali)
  • BaliDairy – All types of cheeses
  • Rosalie Cheese – Specializes in cheese platters


Fruits & Vegetables

  • Kadek’s Fruitandveggie – Fresh vegetables from Kintamani – Provides Kale – WA +62 85847346375
  • Payan’s Garden – Moringa leaves supplier, for the Balinese Moringa soupWA +62 81337337187
  • Freshtable Pemogan Raspberries
  • Bali RaspberryWA +62 82144588 – GMaps: 499 Jl. Bumbak no.44, Kerobokan
  • Bali Organic Center – This place has all plants saplings you can imagine, and they grow herbs and superfoods from the Northern hemisphere, such as Kale, Stinging Nettle, Physalis, Wormwood, Elderberry and more. WA +62 82146578428
  • Naturally Foods – Organic Cacao products: Raw Vegan Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cacao Powder, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Butter, Skinless Cacao Beans. They also sell a wide variety of carefully selected organic beans, grains, nuts, sun-dried fruits, wild taro chips, fresh kefir, coconut water, coconut yogurt, pure coconut sugar, jungle honey, and other great products. WA +62 81999498535

Elderberries are harvested in the highlands of Central Bali

Specialty Products

  • Arak (Karusotju) – the finest brand of arak in Bali, made in the pristine mountains of Central Bali. Arak is the drink of both celebration and ceremony in Bali. Karusotju is an internationally-recognized brand
  • Tulasi Estate: Honeys from all Indonesian areas and islands, and loads of high-quality organic products made in Bali
  • Salak vinegar by Tulasi Estate – Made with the excess salak fruit harvest. Replacing all vinegar use by Salak vinegar further helps Bali’s self-sufficiency
  • Amma Ghee – Ghee is clarified butter. It’s considered amrita, or nectar, in Ayurveda. You can also order medicated Ghee, from Putu Mahesh KrishnankuttyWA +62 82144436241
  • Mulberry jam (250 g) at Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood
  • Colloidal Silver Bali WA +62 87742607080
  • Coconut aminos – Soy sauce replacement. A liquid made from the aged sap of coconut blossoms and salt (17 amino acids)
  • Amed Sea Salt – Harvested in the remote northeastern town of Amed


Acaraki Sparkling is a local soda brand based on Turmeric and less sugar. Can be found in most convenience stores

Juices (swarasa)

In Ayurveda, the juice extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables is called swarasa

Rare medicinal juices (swarasa) by Payan’s Garden

Bali Mineral Water

  • Batukaru Mineral Water – From the springs of Mount Batukaru
  • Jatiluwih Mineral WaterWA +62 81210076668 (never buy Aqua gallons, it is distilled or Reverse Osmosis water that is empty of any minerals and thus depletes your own body’s minerals!)

Ayurvedic and Indian Restaurants

Customized Food Delivery

Customized Food Delivery in Ubud, by Ivana Maryanti

Yoga Lifestyle


Linen Clothing

Linen is made from Boehmeria Nivea natural fibers, has better endurance than other types of fabrics, is very strong and absorbent, dries faster, and is the best clothing to wear in hot weather.


Ayurvastra is the art of medicinal clothing – naturally dyed clothes, as per ancient methods

  • Zenelle – Clothes are made in small batches from organic natural materials and plant dyes grown locally in Bali
  • Honest the Label – Plant-dyed clothing

Zero Waste Products

  • Essenze The Note Store WA +62 85101819925 – Bar & liquid soap (available refill, bring your own bottle), Shampoo Bars, Liquid Shampoo, Tamanu oil, Castor oil, essential oils, and many more products
  • Tisoo – Bamboo tissue! See the impact of switching to bamboo tissue
  • Zero Waste Bali – Grocery with over 700 organic & natural food items, deli, personal care, etc
  • Adri DelaTierra – Tooth powder
  • Josh Natural Shampoo Bars – Made from Coconut oil, Castor oil, Cocoa butter, natural herbal powders, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin B-5, essential oils. 50g, you can use it for 2 months at least with every 2nd day hair washing. WA +62 85101819925
  • ARRAY Bali – Tooth powder, skin and body care, hair products, handmade soaps, waste-free accessories. Everything is package-free
  • Dani – Makes natural deodorants, soaps & shampoos WA +62 85101819925
  • Giri Bamboo – Bamboo toothbrushes made in Bali – WA +62 81246116998 or Agus Marta

Bali’s Organic Brands

Primordial Life

  • Primitive World – Furniture in primordial island style
  • Buyamia – Online marketplace connecting Indonesian small and micro artisans with global buyers and retailers
  • Neo Gourd Art – Handcrafted lamps made from gourd. “Exploring this craft and the play of light, the mesmerizing way in which light can turn something ordinary into something otherworldly.” WA +6285643083311
  • Muntigunung Indigo Scarves – Handmade and naturally dyed with the Strobilanthes cusia plant

Eco Laundry

Organic Cosmetics

Bali’s Medicated Massage Oils

If you do massage with dubious massage oils, you might be doing more harm than good. Here are some the highest quality herbal-infused massage oils made in Bali:

  • Paramu OilWA +62 82146522058
  • Kutus Kutus OilWA +62 87862226977
  • Varash OilWA +62 8123961296
  • Pure Castor oil – For hair, eyelash and eyebrows care. Cold pressed, hexane free WA +62 85739548229

Real Conscious Activities

  • Usada Bali – Focuses on holistic health and culture, offering resources for the initiation for those seeking their passage to transformation
  • Astungkara Way – 2-day walking tours through rural Bali. Overnight farm experiences with a regenerative impact. Meals from local producers. Regenerative Travel that supports local economies, preserve local culture and protect local ecosystems
  • Bali Bird Walk
  • Bali Soul Craft – Explore the landscapes of North Bali, led by private legal and certified tour guides, where every detail is meticulously curated for your comfort and enjoyment. Indulge in a delicious lunch, partake in a water blessing ritual, and immerse yourself in a mindfulness walk exploring ordinary villages. As part of the commitment to community, a portion of your booking goes towards food contributions for the elderly
  • Bali Institute A cross-cultural team with a genuine care for the well being of the island’s people, culture, and environment, sharing the magic of Bali with deep roots in the community to create unique and transformative programs and adult learning journeys
  • Muntigunung Trekking – In one of the untouched areas of Bali, where villagers live from cash crops such as Cashews, Moringa, Rosella, etc. WA +62 81246970202
  • Shaya JungleKitchen – Learn jungle food foraging and cooking of jungle products
  • New Earth School – Cooking, Growing and Healing
  • Forest Rock Qigong – by a true master with 25 years of experience
  • Balinese Flute Lessons at Murni’s – The Balinese Flute, called a suling is a high-pitched flute. It is played using a circular breathing technique to produce a constant tone. The flautist is one of the best suling players in the world and lives in Ubud.
  • Bali International Archery – Jemparingan (or Dhanurveda in Sanskrit) is the ancient Balinese and Javanese art of archery – it is also the South Asian equivalent to Japanese Kyūdō

Real Yoga

Superficial yoga is everywhere, but here we list the real / better yoga centers:

Real Yoga Teacher Trainings

Source: Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness

Real Meditation

Petirtaan (sacred ponds in Java and Bali)

Real Balinese Spirituality

  • Komang Abdi – Conducts private classes about Samkhya, Yoga Philosphy, subtle body anatomy (prana, kosha, nadis), Kriya and Traditional Hatha Yoga
  • Pasraman Bali Eling – An excellent school for those who actually want to learn the whole Balinese spirituality and practices (like tapa brata, etc)
  • Bali Usada – Real meditation school, includes tapa brata
  • Balinese Yoga Tradition – Out of the millions who come to Bali, very few bother to learn the real deal. Here is an online course by Putu Yudiantara that dives deep into Balinese and ancient Javanese spirituality
  • Taksu Rudra – Expert in the esoteric Balinese practices
  • Javanese Shaivism – Teaches the principles of Shaivism, the most elite spiritual tradition in Bali and Java

Hindu Spiritual Centers

Real Retreats

Real quiet places for quality retreats in Bali:

Hot Springs

Penatahan hot springs

Balinese Healers and Therapists

Massages, Acupressure and Reflexology

Shamanic bracelet made of 18 different woods

Energy Healing

Spiritual Healers

Trad. Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Balinese Shamans

Full Moon Ceremonies

The Full Moon is called Purnama in Bali (or Pūrṇimā in Sanskrit)

Fire Ceremonies

Just as Melukat is the water purification ritual, Agnihotra is the fire purification ritual

Agnihotra yajna

Real Spa & Effective Therapies

Deep Ayurvedic Therapies

Samana (Alleviating Therapies): 

    • 1. Abhyangam: oil massage of the entire body with warm herb-infused oil and Keshya (hair enhancement program), but also:
    • 2. Dhaara: involves the pouring of medicated liquids or oils onto a specific part or the entire body below the neck. This can be done using medicated oils, milk, or decoctions to suit the patient’s needs.
      • Tailadhara: entails pouring warmed oil over the entire body or specific areas in a prescribed manner, aiming to nourish the body.
      • Ksheeradhara: utilizes lukewarm medicated milk poured over the entire body to enhance blood circulation, relax the mind, lubricate joints, and relieve muscle and joint pain.
      • Dhanyamladhara: Dhanyamla, a medicated liquid, is created by boiling rice, lemon, dry ginger, horse gram, herbs, and millets. It is then poured over the patient’s body for 30 minutes continuously with the help of two masseurs, used to treat various conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory issues, muscular sprains, obesity, and thyroidism.
    • 3. Snehapaana: involves the oral intake of medicated or non-medicated ghee or oil for a specified period without mixing it with food. It is commonly administered before Vamana or Virechana treatments.
    • 4. Swedana: the induction of sweating for therapeutic purposes, often serving as a preparatory procedure for Panchakarma or as an independent therapy. Medicated steam is used to induce sweating, which aids in opening the body’s channels and promoting relaxation.
    • 5. Udwarthana and Utsaadana
      • Udwarthana is a procedure that involves massaging the entire body below the neck with herbal powders in a direction opposite to the orientation of body hair.
      • Utsaadana, a variation of Udwarthana, involves mixing the powder with liquid medicines like takradhaanyaamla or leaf juices and is used for massaging the entire body to eliminate excess fat.
    • 6. Shirodhara: involves the continuous flow of oil onto the patient’s forehead. The liquid medication is poured into a pot and then gradually trickled onto the patient’s head from a specific height. It is commonly employed to treat anxiety, insomnia, and various neurological, psychological, and psychosomatic disorders.
    • 7. Takradhara: a variation of shirodhara in which medicated buttermilk and other kashaayas are poured in a continuous stream over the patient’s forehead, typically prescribed for conditions related to kapha and pitta aggravation such as skin disorders, diabetes, and stress.
    • 8. Sirovasthi: involves pouring oil onto the patient’s head, allowing it to remain there for a specified period, depending on the patient’s condition. This treatment is highly effective for addressing facial paralysis, dryness in the nostrils, mouth, and throat, severe headaches, and other head-related ailments.
    • 9. Thalapothicil: a traditional Ayurvedic treatment from Kerala involving the application of a medicated paste to the head using a specific procedure. It is effective in treating conditions like insomnia, hypertension, chronic headaches, skin diseases of the scalp, premature greying of hair, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.
    • 10. Karnapoopana: involves pouring oil into the ear, allowing it to remain for approximately three minutes. It is performed in a lateral position, filling one ear at a time after a thorough examination to avoid complications in patients with tympanic perforations.

Sodhana / Pankacharma (Detoxification therapies):

    • 1. Vasthi – Detoxifying Medicated Enema – introduces liquid medications—like herbal oils, decoctions, and pastes—into the rectum to address various ailments. It’s particularly effective for conditions such as arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness, stomach issues, rheumatism, and chronic constipation. There are three main types of Vasthi: Kashaya Vasti for spinal and rheumatoid issues, Sneha Vasti which utilizes special herbal concoctions, and Uttara Vasti, where herbal remedies are applied through the urethral or vaginal routes.
    • 2. Vamana – Therapeutic Vomiting for Detoxification – expels toxins via induced vomiting, targeting mainly the removal of excess kapha dosha—the third of the three principal bodily humors.
    • 3. Virechana – Purgative Detoxification – Virechana purifies by clearing the bowels, removing waste and imbalanced doshas through the rectum. Tailored to individual needs, this treatment can involve various medicinal forms such as powders, tablets, jams, and medicated oils.
    • 4. Nasya – Nasal Administration for Sinus and Nerve Health – Nasya involves administering herbal remedies through the nostrils to treat issues above the neck, clear kapha buildup, and bolster daily wellness. Regular practice promotes the health and clarity of skin, strength of sensory organs, and helps prevent hair greying.
    • 5. Rakthamokshana – Blood Purification Therapy – Rakthamokshana, or therapeutic bloodletting, draws out impure blood to heal certain conditions. Techniques include leech therapy and Hijama (cupping), chosen based on the ailment being treated.

Other Ayurvedic therapies in Ubud:

Lymphatic Drainage

International Healers

Artificial Therapies

Herbalism & Plant Medicine

  • Tirta Usada Transformational Alchemy – Probably the best herbalist in Ubud. Offers powerful workshops
  • Ketut Arsana at Munivara Ashram – A true usadha (Balinese herbalist)
  • Taman Usada – Daily activities: Medicinal garden, Herbal classes, Yoga, Meditation and more
  • Bhakti Farm – Herbalism classes. Biodynamic Farming. A forest garden in the making. Goes deep into Bali’s herbalism and creating traditional medicine. WA +62 85738152611
  • Bali Silent RetreatLiving Pharmacy – Medicinal plants – meetings every Thursday nights at 6pm. Follows ‘green-to-the-extreme’ eco-principles. See their room types, food and programs here
  • Maia Inti Amaru – Naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, detox specialist, tinctures creator, tea alchemist and vegetarian chef. Includes Qigong and learning how to identify medicinal plants, flowers and herbs from Bali and the Indosphere 🌺, learn about their beneficial properties, how to preserve and use them in daily life. Specialized in Essential oils, Detoxing protocols, Gut microbiome, Nervous system, Respiratory system, Immunology, Hormonal balance (men and women), Reproductive system, Women health. WA +62 82146027685
  • Frederique Nault Herbalist
  • Miskah Herbal Remedies and Skin Care (25 Jl. Nyuh Bulan)

Bhakti Farm (Herbalism Center)

Medicinal Herbs

  • Reishi Mushroom slices – Bali Mountain Wild Reishi (Rp 225.000/kg) WA +62 81236355639
  • Lion’s Mane – Brainpower mushroom, grown in Bali
  • Fungiphila – Mushroom extracts available for Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps

Blue Lotus Tincture by Bhakti Farm

Herbal tablets are called vati in Ayurveda

Boho Activities

Sound Healing &


Women’s Circles

  • Maia’s Women’s Circle – A real women’s circle in traditional fashion, a true shamanic immersion combining Naturopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition, self care, oils, teas, and learning how to work with the elements: cleansing in the river, jungle, sun, mud, flowers, essential oils, fruit, sacred smoke from tree resins and psychological support WA +62 82146027685
  • Nina Taumberger – Explore how we are connected to nature, the Earth’s seasons, lunar phases, archetypes, and the cyclical seasons of femininity. Thursdays 2.30-4.30pm @ Yoga Barn
  • Ella Yoga – Connection & Intimacy. Therapeutic Yoga, Breath, Human design
  • Humita Premmiela – Advocate for women to become more of themselves. High Performance coach, Transformation mentor
  • Nathalie Qwick – Cacao, dancing, sharing
  • Nritya Anurasa – Emotional Fluidity MovementEmpower – Embody – Embrace
  • Nina Hinterschitt – Embodiment, Breath & Body
  • Tina Nance – HELD School of Embodied Self Integration
  • Cassandra Michael – Intuitive Trauma Healer & Relationship Coach (MSc)
  • Be Free Community – Breathwork and Nervous System Specialists in Ubud


Real Community Groups

We list here only the real social circles with a meaningful, purpose-oriented activity

  • Kalpavriksha Ubud – For those who practice the ‘Ancient Elite Lifestyle’ of the Indosphere, based on Alternative Healing, real (non-westernized) Ayurveda, Tantra, Tantric Rejuvenation (rasāyana), Plant Medicine, Ancient Healing Foods, Astrology, Ancient Indian knowledge and other deep topics for an ‘Integral Tropical Lifestyle’ on the Kalpavriksha Trail
  • Maia’s Women’s Circle – A real women’s circle in traditional fashion, with shamanic immersion combining Naturopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition, self care, oils, teas, and learning how to work with the elements: cleansing in the river, jungle, sun, mud, flowers, essential oils, fruit, sacred smoke from tree resins and psychological support. Includes Qigong and learning how to identify medicinal plants, flowers and herbs, learn about their beneficial properties, how to preserve and use them in daily life.  WA +62 82146027685
  • Dune Alaya Ecolodge – Ecovillage/Permaculture community in Pemuteran. Includes Ayurvedic Food and Ecovillage Design Certifcation



Image source: Eden Garden Bali


Wooden Houses Villages


Permaculture & Organic Farms

This is only for buying plants:

  • Asharimba Plants Bedugul – Selling herbs, veggies, spices, edible flowers, limes, tea flowers. Delivers all over Bali above a certain quantity WA +62 85858200930

West Bali

West Bali is for true seekers. The main lifestyle villages are the two surfing resorts of Medewi and Balian, Pemuteran (Bali’s best diving spot), Negara and Menjangan. Here are some places we recommend:


Pemuteran is an emerging eco-spiritual area in Northwest Bali. Probably the best place to live in North Bali (together with Amed in the Northeast).These are places for those seeking to escape the overtourism and landscape massacre of South Bali, and focus on a more meaningful life.

Online Courses

Here are online courses on various topics related to a true Kalpavriksha lifesytle:

Lifestyle Support

Facebook Groups

We list here the most useful and topic-focused groups, so you don’t have to follow all Bali-related Facebook groups:

  • Deep Bali – Promotes the most authentic and deepest lifestyles in Bali. Well-moderated, posts only useful and interesting stuff
  • Ubud Community Bali – Best group for practical help and all daily life “expat” needs
  • Bali Events – Best group for events ans entertainment in Ubud
  • Bali Clean and Green – The place for all eco-initiatives, and those who really contribute to the island
  • Bali PsyTribe! – For the PsyTrance nation in Bali

Whatsapp Groups

Travel Services

  • EcoBnB
  • Workaway – Work-Exchange site to exchange work for accommodation
  • WorldPackers – Work-exchange, collaborative travel
  • WOOF – Allows you to work or volunteer in exchange of accommodation anywhere around the world

Bali Lifestyle apps

Taman Usada

Shalas for rent

For hosting retreats:

South Indian knowledge

Many choose to integrate South Indian knowledge for an optimal lifestyle in Bali


  • Ubud Care Clinic – Has been recommended by many. Seems trustable, unlike hospitals like BIMC that are to avoid at all costs


War on Plastic & Recycling

Eco-technologies to replace plastics and factory-made items by their natural, sustainable equivalents:

  • Coconut Husk Fiber Rope
  • Eco Ranah – Portable eco-toilets, made in Bali
  • Buys totally broken electronics: WA +62 87895533321. Never throw electronics in the bin!

Eco Business Supplies

  • Bali Bottle – A plant-based bottle made of sugar cane fiber
  • Palm Printing Co – Custom digital fabric printing on natural and organic fabrics (cotton bamboo, linen)
  • Avani – High Quality Eco-Packaging
  • Ecoplas – Cassava-based plastic replacements

Volunteer (sewā)

Donate (dāna)

  • Scholars of Sustenance
  • Crisis Kitchen Bali
  • Feed Bali
  • East Bali Poverty Project – Covers an arid region of Bali, where water is scarce and some villagers live with poor sanitation, schools and health facilities. Founded in 1998, this non-profit organisation sets out to help these communities through educational initiatives, sustainable agriculture, nutrition improvement, and health awareness
  • John Fawcett Foundation – Restores sight to countless needy Balinese through free corrective surgery and prosthetic eye projects.
  • Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak – A non-profit foundation that focuses on local children’s welfare, providing a caring shelter and an education outreach for street kids
  • Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (Mother Earth Humanitarian Foundation) – Commits to improving the lives of impoverished communities in Bali through comprehensive educational opportunities. The foundation prioritises local children from disadvantaged families and orphans
  • Smile Foundation Bali – An independent organisation that provides medical assistance to people with craniofacial disabilities, such as cleft lip and palate, tumors, traumas and rare syndromes.
  • Friends of the National Parks Foundation – Founded by Balinese ornithologist Dr Bayu Wirayudha and works to restore habitats through projects covering national forests in Mount Batukaru and Nusa Penida
  • 1000 Bamboo Villages ProjectPurpose” To Restore 2 million hectares of degraded land in Indonesia by activating 1000 Bamboo Village based Industries.
  • Gili Eco Trust – Based on Gili Trawangan, was founded to protect the coral reefs around the Gili islands. Gili Eco Trust has grown and expanded its activities from marine conservation to waste management and sustainable eco tourism.

To add your business to the list, contact us


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