The past few years have seen the rise of Water Refilling services in bars and restaurants all over Southeast Asia. Organizations such as RefillMyBottle, RefillAsia and TrashHero have been promoting the use of reusable water bottles to curb the amount of plastic waste.

However, these organizations have been so far only promoting regular stainless water bottles.

There is an even better, time tested solution solution: copper bottles. Copper bottles have been used traditionally in Ayurveda for centuries, and have specific qualities that make them more appropriate for holding water.

Moreover, Ayurvedic copper bottles are very easily recyclable (much more than a stainless steel bottle with printing on it and a plastic cap!), and their manufacturing provides quality jobs for artisans (usually in India, which is the main manufacturer of copper bottles).

Where to buy Copper Bottles in Bulk

To get your first feel of a copper bottle, you can easily find many styles on Etsy or even directly on Amazon.

But if you want to place a bulk order, you can find great offers for quantities of 100 bottles or more on Indiamart, directly from the manufacturers. On Indiamart, many manufacturer also offer custom engraving.

Prices per bottle start at only $4 on Indiamart for a 950 ml bottle! It is thus a both cheaper and more ecological solution than stainless steel bottles, while providing jobs to actual workers instead of automated factories.

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Copper Water Jugs for Water Refilling stations

For Water Refilling stations, a 10 or 20 liter Copper Water Dispenser is an ideal solution.

A Copper Water Jug keeps the water bacteria-free and infuses it with micro-particles of copper that are beneficial.

Here again, you can purchase them by the unit on Amazon, or buy them in bulk on Indiamart to get a better deal. You can either opt for the classical style (see below) or for alternative designs like the famous Niagara dispenser.

Water Refilling Station Apps

  • RefillMyBottle – There are more than 600 places in Indonesia (Bali, Gili, Penida, Lembongan and Yogyakarta) where you can refill your empty water bottles. You can find those on the app.

The other refilling networks don’t seem to have an app yet.